ECU Remaps Cannock

ECU Remaps Cannock

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  • MPG Tuning Ltd
  • Unit 44 Rumerhill Business Estate
  • Cannock
  • Staffordshire
  • WS11 0ET
  • Tel: 01543 466662
  • Mob: 07789 266194


Our services cover most makes and models of modern cars and vans.

Highly RecommendedBased in Cannock Staffordshire, MPG Tuning offer a professional ecu remapping, chip tuning or tricore processor service.

Although we market ourselves predominantly in the Staffordshire area, we do have recommended customers that travel from all over the country to enjoy the benefits of our professional service.

Custom Tuning

Custom TuningAll our remap files are custom written by our team of highly experienced data programmers in the industry, and selected based on their particular niche specialist engine type.

Whether you want to optimise Power, fuel efficiency or a mix of the two we can accommodate.

Each remap is custom designed to take into account your driving style, typical journey type and what you as the driver wish to achieve from a remap.

Because we read and modify the data on your ECU, any and all vehicle related data in your engine management data is retained and stays with your vehicle.

Professional Level Equipment

A Superior Tuning ExperienceUnlike some of our competitors we do not use cheap cloned tools widely available on the internet; we have invested many £1000’s in the latest, most stable state of the art tuning equipment and software available.

Professional Advice

We listen to what you expect from your remap and advise you on realistic power gains.

In contrast to some of our competitors who will try to impress you with higher claimed gains, we will advise what is mechanically safe assuming all vehicle components are in working order.

Fully Insured

Fully InsuredMost remapping companies claimed to be fully insured, yet are not correctly insured.

Professional insurance is not cheap and not easily obtained, so you may find that many of the companies or individuals claiming to be insured (might not be)

If you think using a Professional is expensive…

Wait until you find out the cost of using an Amateur…


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